Yes. A ton of my clothes come from SM Hypermarket. I hate spending more than 500 pesos for ANY piece of clothing. I’m cheap, yet I love window-shopping. While I do like going to ukay-ukays once in a while, nothing beats brand new clothing.

Today I’m going to discuss Export Overruns and why they’re such a great buy. I’m not that well-versed on the concept, but all I know is that they’re original clothing that for some reason aren’t being sold in their real retail stores and are being sent here. I have no idea what I’m talking about. Let’s just get to the part where I discuss the advantages of buying export overruns from relatively reputable (not tiangge) sources.

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You get high end brands for extremely cheap — cheaper than local brands — prices

This was a casual button up I was able to buy from Surplus for around 350 pesos. (Thanks to Surplus’s Facebook Page by the way) If you can’t see it, the brand’s Springfield. This is a brand you only see at places like Greenbelt with shirts costing well over 3000 pesos each. Great value here. It’s held up pretty well. The key to shopping at these places is to inspect every stitch and every button. There may be a reason those items ended up in those stores and even if they may be from good brands, defects may be present.

Other brands I’ve seen in Surplus and SM Hypermarket include Banana Republic, Zara and Kenneth Cole. You’re buying clothes you could literally spend ten times the amount for. That’s great value.

The quality of the materials is top-notch

Again, I shop at SM Hypermarket for a lot of basic t-shirts. US brands like Hollister, American Eagle, and Old Navy are regularly featured on their racks. Some of the designs are quite loud for my taste, but I’ve been able to purchase several plain t-shirts in a wide array of colors from those brands. I tell you, the quality of the cotton is just awesome. It’s breathable and perfect for our climate. It stretches just right and for some reason they don’t “bacon up” on me as quickly as other brands, despite them being among my most frequently worn pieces.

AE Legend Crew T - 2 or More $12.50 Each

Taken from http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=1164_7094_097&catId=cat90012 

The best part ? Each piece sold for 150 to 200 pesos. They’re freaking cheaper than your local undershirts, and they’ll last a lot longer.

You can stock up on all of your basics without skimping on quality

For some reason there are a lot of “plain” things in Surplus. Plain t-shirts, plain shorts, and plain chinos from reputable brands.

As I’ve mentioned, this is the best value you can get for your money, in my opinion. Sure, ukay-ukays are a lot cheaper, but they’ve also been worn-in. 

I’ve been able to purchase basic, slim, flat-front shorts for P 399.00 each. These are from solid brands like Volcom and Anchorblue, too. Go to any department store and find walking shorts with a standard retail price that cheap. I thought I would, but clothing’s expensive nowadays, even from local retailers. 

The great part about shopping for plain, basic clothing is that they never grow old. You buy a loud, plaid shirt and everyone will remember that you’ve worn it twice. You wear muted khaki shorts every other day and no one’s going to care. Versatile clothes are always of better value than “statement” pieces, and when they come this cheap, there’s nothing to lose.

Don’t feel bad about shopping at your local grocery

People seem to think that grocery clothes are of poor quality. Maybe they think they’ll be laughed at or judged if they run into someone. Well, I’m laughing at the insanely cheap prices I get my clothes.

Besides, no one will ever know where you got them. If you’re REALLY that conscious about what people think, just tell them your balikbayan tita brought home some Hollister or American Eagle t-shirts for you. I don’t really recommend that, though. Style was never about where you got your clothing, or how much you paid for them. Style is supposed to be timeless. Quality and value are what you’re going after. They’re exactly the same, anyway. They just come out so much cheaper. 

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