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Why I made this blog

Greetings. I am the headless chap. As my name may suggest, I prefer to remain anonymous. I am a young Filipino who only recently got into the world of fashion. As I browsed through popular sites such as Tumblr, lookbook, and even local magazines, I noticed some odd things.

Most of the “looks” seen in contemporary Pinoy menswear involve heavy layering and thick fabrics. Sure, a button-up under a cardigan under a blazer may be a classy look — if you’re living in sub 25 degree celsius temperatures. Unfortunately, I don’t. The point of layering is to feel warm. You layer when the layer you are wearing is not enough to protect you from the elements. Wearing something like that will only result in heavy sweating and great discomfort. Remember, if you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing, you won’t look good. In the Philippines, even jackets and sweaters over simple t-shirts or polo shirts can be uncomfortable on most days. The Philippines’ weather is so unpredictably predictable. Half of the time you get heavy rains and the other half is spent under hot, humid weather. 

Over time I may post a few of my “looks”. Unfortunately, I do not have the capability to properly photograph myself, nor do I have the editing skills that most fashion bloggers possess. Thus, these “looks” will be few and far in between. 

The blog will be written from the point of view of a college student with a limited spending budget: No huge splurges. I encourage thrifting (ukay-ukay), unbranded items, and local department stores. Unlike most bloggers with a large clothing budget, I can’t even afford Topman, Zara, etc. Style does not have to be expensive. A recurring theme is the search for value in clothing. You’re not looking to stand out with statement pieces, you’re looking to build a versatile and lean wardrobe. This is something I really want to emphasize in all of my posts.

Hopefully I do get to that point, as I’m quite new to this blogging thing and I created it just because of the severe lack of Filipino men’s style blogs. Unfortunately, I am no writer. I welcome suggestions on how to improve my writing style.

That is all for now. I’m glad to get that first post out of the way. Happy reading!

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